Athletic Greens Reviews Supplement – Green Powder Reviews – Is Athletic Greens Scam or Legit?

Superfood beverages, also known as greens drinks, have been growing in popularity year after year. Because of this, there is a huge market for greens products online and a massive variety of supplements within that niche.
Since there are SO many products to choose from I wanted to compare Athletic Greens to some of the other “top” greens drink sellers. These would be:
Green Vibrance, Amazing Grass: Green Superfood, and Healthforce Vitamineral Green.
This way you can get an idea of what Athletic Greens can do for you and how it stands out from the pack, so you can make an informed decision. I picked these three based on sales, quality, and distribution.
So let’s break it down, shall we?



Athletic Greens has far too many ingredients to list, so I’m going to look at the most important active ingredients. This greens drink is full of antioxidants, minerals, and greens.
In addition, there is goji berry, several plant extracts (most notable being grape seed extract), ginseng, and co-enzyme Q10 (which is expensive). The competition all has similar formulas, however Athletic Greens comes out on top here due to having at least 4 times more minerals and greens in a serving than Green Vibrance, Amazing Grass, and Healthforce Vitamineral Green.
How do they do it? Athletic Greens uses extremely concentrated extracts. You’re getting way more bang for your buck, here.
Athletic Greens also has 100% all-natural ingredients that are completely GMO free. All ingredients are sourced from non-allergens as well… so have no fear of allergic reaction.


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By virtue, greens drinks taste absolutely brutal. I’ve heard people compare them to weed killer, compost, and chewing on a patch of sod. All four greens supplements I tried didn’t taste too bad… actually. I guess there’s a reason they’re popular.
Vitamineral Green was the worst… it reminded me of uncooked turnips blended wATHLETIC GREENS REVIEWSith grass.
This is probably the most intense tasting one. Amazing Grass was okay, it didn’t have much of a flavor and was very easy to drink. However, the amount of nutrients per serving is quite small with Amazing Grass so you’re getting a watered down version of a greens drink.
I kind of enjoyed Green Vibrance, at least for a greens drink. It had a light fruit taste without any strong “greens” tinge to it.


Athletic Greens tastes more like a veggie-fruit smoothie than anything else.
Athletic Greens is by FAR the best tasting greens drink I have ever had. Now I’m not going to say it tastes wonderful… because no greens drink does. But for a superfruit beverage it’s delicious… at least to me. If a greens drink does its job, then taste really shouldn’t matter.


But in order to give yourself the positive reinforcement and encouragement to drink this stuff, it has to have a flavor that keeps you coming back.
Athletic Greens does this, the others really fall short in this category.


VIDEO: Athletic Greens Superfood Powder Benefits

*Results may vary by individual.





I took each supplement over the course of a few months, giving at least a week in between products to see if I could “feel” a noticeable difference. Each product got 15 days in my system. At around day 5, I began to feel a real change with Athletic Greens. I had more stamina, energy, and alertness throughout the day. In addition, my workouts improved.


Now, that being said I had almost the same results with the other three products. The difference is that I didn’t really get the results until day 14, right before I was about to get off the supplement. So if I stayed on them longer, I’m sure the results would’ve caught up. But I attribute this to the fact that Athletic Greens is around four times as potent as it’s competition. Keep in mind that specific results aren’t guaranteed and experiences may vary.


Pros and Cons

Athletic Greens has up to four times the potency of competitor’s products.
I felt the effects of Athletic Greens within mere days of taking it.
► 100% all natural ingredients.
► Great taste for a greens product.
It is a greens drink, and for maximum effectiveness you need to take it daily.
This isn’t a miracle product, and I can’t say anything about it’s ability to heal illness or disease since I didn’t have any health problems while I on Athletic Greens.
Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results from a greens drink supplement, and experiences may vary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our contact page.



Athletic Greens is far and away the best tasting greens drink I’ve had. It is far more potent than anything else on the market, and I was able to feel the results very fast. It’s 100% all natural, GMO, and allergen free. There are cheaper alternatives out there that are similarly effective… however they still don’t taste as good and aren’t nearly as potent.


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